FunderMax™ General Grade Phenolic

Max Phenolic Non-Lab grade phenolic resin panels were developed specifically for institutional, educational and laboratory applications where impact and abrasion resistance is of the greatest importance.

Max Compact Interior uses the same kraft paper based core that is 100% recycled and impregnated with a phenol blend. However, instead of the polyurethane surface technology - melamine technology is used for the surface (top and bottom).

While having a certain degree of chemical resistance with non-harsh chemicals in the horizontal application, Non-Lab grade phenolic has been deemed ideal by Architects and Lab-Planners for vertical applications in cabinetry, casework, hospital furniture, etc. In today's environment where frequent and thorough cleaning is desired and required, Max Phenolic is not adversely affected by moisture, humidity or cleaning solutions.

Vertical or Horizontal Applications

  • Shelving
  • Window Sills
  • Cabinet Drawer and Door Fronts
  • Cabinet bodies
  • Reagent Racks
  • Commercial Tables or Counters
  • Pegboards / drying racks
  • Wall panels (Wains Coting)
  • Robotics tables and automation / high sustainability labs
  • Toilet partitions
  • Lockers and Cubbies
  • Fume hood liner panels or decks
  • Fire rated applications

More Features

The finished panels are easily cleaned and have excellent resistance to most cleaning agents and chemicals and does not support bacterial growth. Anti-Bacterial, anti-Microbial and food safe according to internal and independent testing facilities.

  • Good chemical resistance, good heat resistance
  • Light weight, perfect for casework, counter tops, shelving and other vertical applications
  • No oxidation of colors
  • Fabricated with wood cutting or diamond tipped tools/machinery
  • Field modified
  • Design flexibility with depth and long lengths
  • Compatible with Epoxy resin or stainless steel sinks
  • FSC Certified
  • PEFC Certified
  • Passes SEFA 3 and SEFA 8 requirements
  • Hygienic pore free surface - Anti-Microbial / Food Safe
  • 10 Year limited Warranty against delamination

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