• Authorized Distributor & Fabricator of Fundermax in North America
    FunderMax Laboratory Grade Solid Phenolic Panels
    Chemical and stain resistant Scratch and impact resistant Meets and surpasses SEFA 3
    Moisture and heat resistant Non-porous and easy to clean Anti-bacterial
    Easy to fabricate and install Stocked in the USA 10-year warranty

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Authorized Dealer and Fabricator of FunderMax and Max Resistance2

Max Phenolic is a Fundermax North American distributor / fabricator of Max Resistance2, also known in the laboratory industry as MaxResist or Max SPC. This solid phenolic compact (SPC) combines the most dramatic designs and textures with Anti-Bacterial Protection and Enhanced Scratch and Scuff-Resistant Max-Resistance™ Technology to produce a superior phenolic countertop and work surface. Fundermax solid phenolic comes standard with built in Anti-Bacterial Protection and exclusive ER finish, which creates a compact countertop that is up to 5X more durable than the standard laminate and up to 3X more wear resistant compared to alternative products currently available in the laboratory market.

Looking for a worktop panel that resists even the most aggressive chemicals? Max Resistance2 by FunderMax continues to push the boundaries, with pioneering new products like MaxResistance2. FunderMax manufactures its products in Austria in accordance with the latest technological discoveries and the highest standards of environmental protection. FunderMax panels thus do not contain any damaging substances, do not pollute the environment and are also suitable for use in the most sensitive applications such as in the medical domain. Fundermax manufacturing not only meets the strictest standards: With our projects we also wish to make a contribution to people living and working in an inspiring and healthy environment.

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Available In Stock Sizes


Dimensions Thickness (in) Metric Measurement (mm) Thickness Tolerance Lbs/ft2
64" x 144"1"25mm+/- 0.050"7.24
64" x 144"0.75"19mm+/- 0.037"5.4
64" x 144"0.50"13mm+/- 0.025"3.62

Laboratory Phenolic Resin Work Surface Panel Benefits:

Chemical and stain resistant Scratch and impact resistant Meets and surpasses SEFA 3
Moisture and heat resistant Non-porous and easy to clean Anti-bacterial
Lightweight Easy to fabricate and install Stocked in the USA 10-year warranty

FunderMax Overview FlipBook

Short Spec of Max Resistance2 by Max Phenolic

Solid Phenolic Laboratory tops / Work bench:

Solid phenolic sheet: solid phenolic core, decorative chemical resistant compact laminate with multiple resin impregnated kraft and surface sheets fused at high temperature and pressure to ASTM D494, with smooth matte-finish surfaces, colored face sheets, and black phenolic resin core that are integrally bonded. Install with the fewest number of joints & largest sheet sizes possible.

Chemical Resistance: Composite counter top material has the following ratings when tested with indicated reagents according to NEMA LD 3, Test Procedure 3.4.5:

a. No Effect: Acetic acid (98 percent), acetone, ammonium hydroxide (28 percent), benzene, carbon tetrachloride, dimethyl formamide, ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol, formaldehyde (37 percent), furfural, hydrochloric acid (37 percent), hydrofluoric acid (48 percent), nitric acid (30 percent), phosphoric acid (85 percent), sodium hydroxide (20 percent), sulfuric acid (33 percent), toluene, and zinc chloride.

Surface Color: Black #0082RE by FunderMax North America

Thickness: Work surfaces: 25mm (1"); Shelves: 19/20mm (3/4")

Edges & Corners: 1/8" (3mm) machined beveled top and bottom exposed edge with blended bevel corners.

Edges shall be black. Brown edges or core shall not be acceptable.

Surface: Flat only with finished exposed edges

Splash: Black, supplied loose back and side splashes, cut to size, for field application in the same material as countertops. Applied splash may be 3/4" (19mm) thickness. Curbs as installed shall be 4" (100mm) or 6" high (150 mm) typical, unless otherwise indicated on drawings. Backsplash and return side splash curbs will be bonded to the tops at the jobsite with epoxy resin adhesive. Include top mounted end curb where work surfaces abutt walls, cabinets or fume hoods, and locations detailed on drawings.

Warpage: Inspect work surface for warpage before fabrication or installation. Measure in unrestrained condition. Work surface will be accepted for use if there is no gap exceeding 1/16" (1.59mm) in a 36" (914mm / 0.9 mtr) span or 3/16" (4.5mm) in 96" (2438mm) span.

Fastening Tops to Base Cabinets:

1. Secure solid to base cabinets with silicone adhesive, applied at each corner and with a continuous bead along perimeter edges.

2. Maximum penetration of #10 self-tapping screws into underside of solid phenolic countertops shall not be installed closer than 1/4" (6mm) below the top surface.

3. Abut solid phenolic top and edge surfaces in one true plane with flush hairline joints or with 1/16" to 1/8" (1.58mm to 3.17mm) seam, filled with either epoxy resin adhesive or chemical resistant colored sealant.

Available manufacturers offering products that may be incorporated into the work include, but are not limited to, the following:

Acceptable Manufacturer or Fabricator: a. Fundermax by maxphenolic.com - 1.888.488.3665; Sales@maxphenolic.com


Max Resistance2 Structure

Max Resistance2 laboratory countertops are solid phenolic compact (SPC) panels with an integrated, chemical resistant surface. Ideal for universities, school laboratories with special requirements, in hygiene areas, for research centers, hospitals or medical/dental practices, water treatment plants (WWTP), food industry, and everywhere absolute cleanliness necessitates a highly resistant surface.

Protective peel coat film on both sides for maximum transport protection and use in application.

Applications for Laboratory Grade MaxPhenolic™ Solid Phenolic Countertops

Agriculture Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & Life Sciences
Laboratory Technology Chemicals & Reagents Material Testing
Chemical Engineering Measurement & Testing Drug Discovery & Development
Nanotechnology Energy & Environment Petrochemicals
Food Testing & Diagnostics Process Control Forensics & Security
Quality Control Instrumentation Research & Development
Water Treatment Plants School Science Centers Chemistry / Biology / Physics Labs

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