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Architects, consultants, educators, and interior lab designers, have requested for years a viable substitute for colored and expensive epoxy resin and black edge core phenolics. FunderMax™, a 130 year old company based in Austria, has developed and introduced a Color-Thru-The-Core, lab-grade phenolicresin work surface solution perfectly suited for both horizontal and vertical applications. Used in laboratory environments where chemical resistance, durability, abrasion resistance and aesthetics are main priorities, color to & thru the Core is the answer to the market's requirements.

FunderMax™ Color-Thru-The-Core compact solid phenolic is a specialty lab grade material created with a solid color core (same color as the surface color) that lets one design work spaces of counter tops, shelving, reagent shelves, etc by eliminating the black core line at the exposed edges.

Equally stain-resistant and durable as other lab grade solid phenolics or epoxy Resin laboratory tops, Color-Thru-the-Core is available in popular solid core colors, featured in matte surface finishes:

  • Dark Charcoal Grey #0077
  • Light Pastel Grey #0074
  • White #0085
  • Black #0082

Available In Stock Sizes


Dimensions Thickness (in) Metric Measurement (mm) Thickness Tolerance Lbs/ft2
64" x 144"1"25mm+/- 0.050"7.24
64" x 144"0.75"19mm+/- 0.037"5.4
64" x 144"0.50"13mm+/- 0.025"3.62

Color-Thru-the-Core by FunderMax™ is a solid Phenolic Compact (SPC) surfacing material composed of decorative kraft papers, saturated and impregnated with phenolic resins and pressed under high heat and pressure to form composite panels. The core material is a specially formulated colored core with a colored surface that achieves a look and overall thickness required for specialized applications.


Horizontal & Vertical:

  • Laboratory work surfaces / counters
  • Student and instructor demonstration desks
  • Reagent shelving
  • Mobile lab stations
  • Food prep or food courts (Food Safe / Anti-Bacterial)
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP)
  • Dental and medical facilities, etc

This includes laboratories at the K-12 and university education levels, charter schools, research & development facilities for the government, medical and pharmaceutical industries, and other segments such as healthcare, hospitality and retail, shelving, partitions, cabinetry, wainscoting and more.


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