Solid Phenolic Window Stools or Sills |Overview

Max Phenolic fabricated and supplied by Total laboratory Solutions and made by a 130 year old company, FunderMax, phenolic window sills are highly resistant to chemicals and staining. No wood core, no edge banding, no expansion / contraction or delamination of the core and surface material provides the ultimate window sill product. Made of solid Compressed Phenolic Compact Resin (SPC) and saturated / impregnated Kraft papers, the edges require no special treatment and can be easily profiled, milled, and polished on the exposed edges with a standard 1/8" (3mm) bevel top and bottom, with eased corners. Typical thickness specified by architects and consultants are 1" (25mm) or 3/4" (19mm).

Colors that match or contrast to the laboratory work surfaces / counter top materials in the lab facility are industry standard black, volcano gray, pastel gray, and white, all with a smooth texture finish, with a black edge core. Other colors are available on special order and will have extended factory production lead times.

Available in a wide variety of profiles to wrap interior and exterior window frames with notch cutouts with rabbet ears, flush to the back or side walls or overhang the sill area in a rectangular profile. Aprons of 2" to 5" (50mm to 125mm) are at times added in the field to cover imperfections of the dry wall, cinder block or other composite wall material. All sills or stools are cut from phenolic resin sheet material in the colors, thickness and profiles required.

The lab market in schools, hospitals, water treatment plants, etc, is demanding quality LEED certified, low VOC solid phenolic resin window stools / stools / aprons that are chemical resistant, lighter weight than epoxy, easier to install, less costly, longer lengths and with color compatibility to counter top materials. When chemicals are emitted in laboratory environments, instructors, students, engineers and all employees require safe and cleanable surfaces. The increased recognition of the solid phenolic's unique qualities plus growing market demand has greatly advanced the use of Max Phenolic Solid-Surfacing Material:

Window Sills and Apron |Example Drawing


  • Market Focus - Phenolic Resin Interior WINDOW SILLS / STOOLS / APRONS
  • Government and Defense Institutions
  • Veterans Facilities
  • K-12 Educational Facilities
  • Colleges; University and Charter Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Research and development
  • Pharma
  • Historic Renovations
  • Libraries
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Corrections and Secure Facilities

Short Spec


2.1 Phenolic Panel WINDOW STOOLS / SILLS and APRONS
A. MaxPhenolic Solid Phenolic Resin Lab Grade Window Stools / Sills / Aprons: Flat panels with a decorative double cured integrated surface (top and bottom) of polyurethane acrylic and a cellulose fiber reinforced phenolic resin paper based core.
1. Fabricator / Supplier: Total Laboratory Solutions;
Phone: 480.488.6421. Email:
2. Flat Surface Thickness: Nominal minimum 3/4 inch (19 mm). Maximum 1 inch (25 mm).
3. Flammability: Self-extinguishing, when tested in accordance with ASTM D635.
4. Surface Finish: Crystal Smooth Finish.
5. Range of Color: TO BE SELECTED BY ARCHITECT Based on the following 4 in-stock surface colors: Industry Standard Black #0082RE, Pastel Gray #0074RE Volcano Gray #2181RE or White #0085RE, all with black exposed edge and core. Note: ALL other non-stocked Colors have extended lead times of up to 14-16+ Weeks Plus Fabrication and shipping
6. Exposed Edge Shape: 1/8 inch bevel exposed edges top and bottom.
7. Window sill shape: Rectangular in Shape or rabbet eared
8. Maximum length without seam, up to 144 inch (3658mm), width 64 inch (1626mm), or fabricated to size required.
9. Aprons below Sills (to cover imperfections in masonry or other wall material) to be 2 inch to 5 inch depth x 3/4 inch thick, same color as window sills / stools.
10. In addition to the industry standard MaxPhenolic Black Surface and Core material, a new color range is also available that includes COLOR-THRU-THE-CORE:

COLOR: TO BE SELECTED BY ARCHITECT includes; Black Core, White Core, Pastel Gray Core and Charcoal Gray Core. Code Numbers of each Lab Grade color core are:

  • Black 0082RE
  • White 0085RE
  • Pastel Gray 0074RE
  • Charcoal Gray 0077RE

Black Core Available Colors

Color-Thru-The-Core Available Colors


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