Available In Stock Sizes


Dimensions Thickness (in) Metric (mm) Thickness Tolerance Lbs/ft2
64.18" x 144.5"1"25mm+/- 0.050"7.24
73" x 110.25"1"25mm+/- 0.050"7.24
64.18" x 144.5"0.75"19mm+/- 0.037"5.4
73" x 110.25"0.75"19mm+/- 0.037"5.4
64.18" x 144.5"0.50"13mm (Limited Stock in
Black & Charcoal Grey)
+/- 0.025"3.62

Black Core Available Colors

Color-Thru-The-Core Available Colors

FunderMax™ - Product Details

New Project Phenolic resin countertops are composed of layers of kraft paper, a single layer of decorative paper with a solid color or design, and finished with a protective chemical resistant layer. Countertops are manufactured in a flat press at pressures exceeding 1000 psi (6.9 MPa) and temperatures approaching 300 °F (148 °C). The panels are trimmed to size and the backs are same color and texture thus usable two sides where required. The thickness of the finished sheet material is determined by the number of pigmented core layers used.

Max Phenolic uses 100% recycled wood / paper fibers to create kraft paper that is impregnated with a phenol blend. It has a double hardened, double cured integrated surface (top and bottom) of polyurethane acrylic - affording excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, clean ability and chemical resistance. It is produced under high heat and high pressure essentially making it a phenolic compact high pressure laminate.

Max Compact Interior uses the same kraft paper based core that is 100% recycled and impregnated with a phenol blend. However, instead of the polyurethane surface technology - melamine technology is used for the surface (top and bottom).

Ideal for all types of laboratories (chemistry, physics, biology labs) universities, schools (K-12, High School), art labs, research centers, hospitals, doctor's office, the restaurant industry, the pharmaceutical industry, waste water treatment plants, along with other industrial or commercial facilities that require absolute cleanliness of a highly resistant surface. Contact with highly concentrated acids like Nitric or Hydrochloric Acid do not change the surface or color at all, which is unique compared to all other compact worktops on the market.

All orders are shipped with double-sided cured urethane acrylic coating, allowing for easy and safe transportation. All orders are also double-sided finished in the color of your choice, allowing the top OR the bottom to be used in application.


Max Resistance2 Structure

Max Resistance2 laboratory countertops are solid phenolic compact (SPC) panels with an integrated, chemical resistant surface. Ideal for universities, school laboratories with special requirements, in hygiene areas, for research centers, hospitals or medical/dental practices, water treatment plants (WWTP), food industry, and everywhere absolute cleanliness necessitates a highly resistant surface.

Protective peel coat film on both sides for maximum transport protection and use in application.